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Two fascinating worlds finally meet (and make for a beautiful offspring)


For all of you who have been following our beloved Nate‘s sentiments and analyses (a.k.a. all you Free Subscribers to StatsTrade Free Newsletter), we’ve got some sad news today.

Nate would like to take a short leave — to hiberNate, if you will. He has been working really hard during 2012 and was kind enough to share his sentiments for FREE with all his loyal followers (a.k.a. Free Subscribers). Bottom line: Starting Jan. 2013, we plan to shut down Nate’s free service (a.k.a. StatsTrade Free Newsletter).

Updates will follow, in our Facebook Page (like us if you haven’t done so yet!) as well as in our Twitter account.

More details to our dear Free Subscribers: You don’t need to unsubscribe from Nate’s mailing list. You don’t need to do anything. Quite the contrary, we recommend you remain in Nate’s list so that in the future, when he wakes up from his hiberNate-ion, he’ll be able to contact you directly and tell you what he’s been up to. He may have some exciting news, and you’ll be the first to hear!