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Iran War

“War is the continuation of politics by other means”, said Carl von Clausewitz. That’s a nice quote, but we are no politicians. In our eyes, war is an opportunity to make profit, or at least to hedge your portfolio against.

“Which stocks should I buy if I believe that there’s a war coming?” is a rather popular question. Indeed, the search traffic for the query “iran war” is on the rise, as the above image from Google Insights for Search shows, and a lot of sites out there share their opinions on the subject.

We aggregated a random selection of such posts and summarized them for you in a neat table below. We do not endorse any of these opinions, nor recommend to take any action. You should consult the original articles to review the nature of their reference on the equity in question. Enjoy.

List of aggregated sources:
[i] PHLX Defense Sector Index (^DFX)
[1] “War Stocks: What to Buy if America invades Iran”
[2] “Investing In War Stocks”
[3] “The best way to hedge against war with Iran”
[4] “4 Stocks if (Gulp) Israel Attacks Iran”
[5] “Ten Companies Profiting Most from War” (also surveyed in a Hebrew article at TheMarker)

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